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Easter Island Super Saver: Ahu Akivi and Orongo plus Anakena Beach Day Trip

Easter Island Super Saver: Ahu Akivi and Orongo plus Anakena Beach Day Trip

Easter Island Super Saver: Ahu Akivi and Orongo plus Anakena Beach Day Trip

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Save when you book three popular Easter Island tours to Ahu Akivi, Orongo and Anakena Beach. Visit famous ceremonial sites to admire mysterious 'moai,' stone giants carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui, on half-day and full-day trips available each day of the week. Archaeology lessons aren't the only thing you'll get out of this discounted package: walk the volcanic hills of Rano Raraku, ponder over birdmen paintings in the Ana Kai Tangata cave, wander about the shale-stone homes of Orongo village, and dig your toes into the white sand at Anakena beach

  • 14 hours (Separated in 2 or 3 days)
  • Mobile & printed vouchers accepted


  • Book the three must do tours of Easter Island together for a convenient rate
  • Surprise yourself with Ahu Vianpu archeological site with one of the larger Ahu on Rapa Nui on a half day your
  • Visit the Tahai complex and Orongo village, study cave petroglyphs and admire the crater lake of Rano Kau volcano on another half-day tour
  • Spend a full day visiting other top ahu ceremonial sites, the quarry at Rano Raraku volcano, and Anakena Beach
  • Round-trip transport from Hanga Roa hotels included


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off from Easter Island Hotels
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Ahu Akivi Mini Island Tour (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Orongo & Rano Kau Half Day Tour (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Full Day Anakena Island Tour (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  • Bilingual Live Guide (English & Spanish)
  • Lunch (Anakena Beach day trip only)

  • Entrance Fee to Rapa Nui National Park (see below)
  • Optional Gratuities

Please Note

  • Excursions can be modified or cancelled by weather conditions
  • Tours must be taken on different days. The Ahu Akivi Mini Island Tour and Orongo & Rano Kau Half Day Tour are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The 'Rano Raraku and Anakena Beach Full-Day Tour Including Lunch Tour' operates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You may choose which day to take each tour. For the Ahu Akivi and Orongo excursion, you can make both at the same day but remember the operating days!
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing
  • Passengers traveling to Easter Island have to pay an entrance fee of CLP 56.000 or 80 USD in order to visit the Archaeological Park.The entrance fee must be purchased upon arrival at CONAF Office inside Mataveri Airport and it's valid for the entire stay. Please note that it's not possible to buy this ticket in any other place and passengers will have to carry their ticket with them when taking our tours.


  • A minimum of 02 people is required
  • Please note that the pick up/drop off at the port is not available for this package


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Easter Island Super Saver: Ahu Akivi and Orongo plus Anakena Beach Day Trip

14 hours (Separated in 2 or 3 days)

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Mix up your sightseeing on Easter Island with three popular tours that focus on the archaeological wonders of Rapa Nui. Each tour covers a different geographic region of Easter Island, and this Super Saver ensures you see all the important sights at a discount. Sign up for each tour on a day of your choosing (see the Important Note section below regarding days of operation).

Ahu Akivi Mini Island Tour

Let us introduce you to the mysteries of Easter Island. Departing from Hanga Roa, this tour will take you to visit Ahu Akivi, Tahai Ceremonial complex which comprises three principal ahu from north to south: Ko Te Riku (with restored eyes), Tahai, and Vai Ure and Puna Pau Quarry, and The Te Pahu Cavern. Ahu Akivi’s 7-Moai platform faces the equinoctial rising sun with each statue at a height of around 16 feet and a weight of around 18 tons. According to folklore, the seven statues represent the seven young explorers who left Hiva, a legendary Polynesian homeland, to do reconnaissance on the island after the spirit priest Haumaka made the first chief, Hotu Matu´a, aware of the island’s existence. You’ll have time to reflect on this story and the many other mysteries of Easter Island as you walk around exploring the incredible Moai structures.

Orongo & Rano Kau Half Day Tour

Spend a day visiting the Southwestern coast of Easter Island, including the Archaeological complex of Ahu Vinapu, Rano Kao Volcano and Orongo Ceremonial City. Our first stop will be the the Ahu VinapuCeremonial Complex, which haves one of the largest Moais of the island. Then we will head to Rano Kau Volcano, whose slopes offer an impressive view of the islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti, Motu Kao Kao. Rano Kau has a crater lake which is one of the island's only three natural bodies of fresh water. Heading west, we will get to the village of Orongo; it was used between 1600 and 1866 AD to worship the birdmen. The village consists of approximately 50 elliptically shaped, shale-wall homes with a small square entry overlooking the ocean. Arranged into two uneven rows, the lower row ends at Mata Ngarahu, the sacred precinct where the Birdman used to be worshiped. This is also the location of one of the most profusely decorated petroglyphs on the island. As you explore, listen to some incredible legends about the island.

Full Day Anakena Island Tour

Experience the beauty, mystery and dramatic scenery of Easter Island in this full-day tour to Anakena, a white sand beach said to have been the landing point of Polynesian chief Hotu Matu’a who first settled the island. The tour starts in Hanga Roa, from where we will explore the Southeastern and Northeastern coasts of the island, visiting the temples of Ahu, Akahanga and Tongariki. This latter temple hosts the greatest Moais platform near the ocean with 15 giant statues. Then we will head to Rano Raraku Volcano, with its “Cantera de los Moais” (litt. Moai quarry) where more than 390 statues can be found. Here we will stop for picnic lunch by one of the greatest natural spot in the island.

We will continue the tour visiting many impressive moai structures in temple formations such as Ahu Nau Nau. Later, we will stop at Anakena Beach, one of the few good swimming beaches on the island. In the surroundings there are also two small caves within a gorge as well as the nearby beaches of Poike and Ovahe where you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the scenery of this enchanting place. The tour ends in Hanga Roa, where we will drop you off at your hotel.

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Pickup Info

[email protected] - (562) 2244 4141 - (56 9) 7707 5564 - Please contact Gray Line Chile (by email or, if you preffer, you can call us) at least 24 hours prior to the departure date of the tour to reconfirm date of travel, hotel and pickup time for your tour. You can present your voucher directly on your mobile, healthy for the planet!

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